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Sample Work


My experience includes projects in the following industries:

  • finance
  • insurance
  • telecommunications
  • e-commerce
  • information security

I am currently working for a small information security firm in Tampa where I provide technical writing, usability, and configuration management support. The company has not had usability processes in an official capacity, but after some guerilla usability efforts on my part, I am now designing user interfaces and am, as the usability specialist, considered a core participant of any project design effort. I also create all their product documentation, which was recently rated 5 out of 5 stars in an SC Magazine product review.

The configuration management role is definitely an unusual opportunity that would not have come in a larger company; many "hats" are freely available and need to be filled at smaller companies. While I lack the experience and training of true configuration managers (CM), I applied the best practices used by the excellent CMs I've worked with in other companies in developing a solid, repeatable engineering processes. In the process, I have also learned more about Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe®, Perl and shell scripting (used for the build process), and reading build logs and C/C++ code to determine why builds fail.